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These collars are perfect for using essential oils or sprays which keep ticks and other insects away by holding onto scent longer than just applying directly onto your dogs fur. 

How to use them?

Spray or drop the oils or solution onto the wooden beads.  You can also submerge each bead into the solution you’re using.

Scent typically lasts 24-72 hours depending on conditions, what you’re using, and how liberally it’s applied. 

We recommend using Atlantick Outdoor Spray on these collars for all your outdoor adventures!

XS- 11-12.5 inches
S- 12.5-17 inches
M- 18-25 inches
L- 23-31 inches

Measurements above are of the collars themselves. Note that they go on the dog by slipping over their head. It is best to measure with a fabric measuring tape and ensure the measuring tape will fit over their head within range of the size you’re ordering 


Wooden Bead Collars

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