Reflection saves lives as it dramatically improves visibility for others. Reflection blanket is a combination of a high visibility orange material and a powerful 3M reflective material, and makes the dog stand out on dark days in the autumn and winter, providing additional security for both you and your dog. On the backside, there is a reflective flap that is visible from all angles. The front strap is also reflective.
The Reflection blanket covers the dog´s upper body, shoulders, and parts of the back. It is easy to take on and off. The elastic straps in front and under the waist are adjustable to fit your dog optimally.

SIZE	Length of back
XXS	20-28 cm
XS	28-36 cm
S	36-46 cm
M	46-55 cm
L	55-63 cm
XL	63-70 cm
XXL	70-85 cm

Non-Stop Reflection Blanket