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Lightweight and functional sleeping bag for dogs, perfect for an outdoor powernap or overnight trips. The sleeping bag is warm and water-resistant. The bottom is detachable and can be used as a dog bed.


Good rest between intense sessions is important for the dog´s wellbeing, especially if you are out hunting, skiing, or ski mountaineering. By using a sleeping bag, the dog conserves more energy by staying warm and comfortable, getting well-rested before the next session. The sleeping bag is light-weight and takes up very little space when compressed. Ly sleeping bag is made of two parts held together with a robust zipper. The top part is insulated with thermal synthetic fiber and has a water-repellent ripstop shell rated to 5 000 mm. The top also has an additional zipped opening for the dog´s head. The bottom part has a thicker insulating layer and fleece lining making it comfortable for the dog to lay on. A thicker nylon fabric with a higher 8 000 mm water-resistance, protects the bottom part. On chill days the top can be removed if the dog only needs a mat to rest on.


The sleeping bag is available in three sizes, to fit small-sized to large dogs. A practical compression bag is included. Ly sleeping bag comes in blue color.

Ly Sleeping Bag

C$169.00 Regular Price
C$129.00Sale Price
    • Synthetic thermal insulation
    • Nylon ripstop
    • High denier nylon
    • Water column: 5 000 mm on the top, 8 000 mm on the bottom.
    • Zipper
    • Reflective print
    • Compression ba
  • Size S M L
    Length 72 cm 100 cm 125 cm
    Width 45 cm 60 cm 80 cm
    Weight 364 g 595 g 886 g
    Size, in compression bag (not compressed) - 30x15 cm 32x20 cm
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