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We are excited to be offering classes through Wooftastic Adventures in HRM. We are currently holding beginner canicross as well as private lessons.

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“The bond you grow from working together as a team is magical.”


~ Kristy Wager



Meet the trainers



Trainer and owner of Wooftastic Adventures

Kristy Wager hails from Upper Sackville, Nova Scotia. She first fell in love with mushing when she saw a woman running a team made up of an Irish Golden mix and a border collie. Quickly realizing that ANY dog can excel in this sport, Kristy was enthralled. With borrowed gear, borrowed dogs and no experience whatsoever, Kristy was welcomed into the East Coast Mushing community with open arms. Today, Kristy is an experienced trainer with a team of two dogs of her own. Ginger (who is not at all ginger) is a 6 year old Alaskan Husky who is quiet and shy until she's hooked to the sled. Millie is an an 11 yr old husky mix who is equal parts adventurous and brave and anything but a senior! When they're not mushing, Kristy, Millie and Ginger are running their own business - Wooftastic Adventures, a dog-walking, pup-sitting and check-in service. Kristy is the brains behind the operation, Millie is the Head of Security and Ginger is the Customer Service Lead. They also enjoy camping and hiking around Nova Scotia.


“The bond you grow from working together as a team is magical.”


~ Kristy Wager

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